7AC006 Managing Financial Performance

You are required to produce an individual report based on your own independent work.

Part 1

You are required to produce a financial analysis of Unilever plc group financial statements. For both the years 2015 and 2016. This analysis should assess the absolute level of and changes in profitability and financial gearing of the group. Comparisons to relevant peer companies and to the macro-economic background should be made.

This should be based on the following 5 ratios

Return on Capital Employed
Gross profit margin
Operating profit margin
Interest Cover

Part 2

Critically discuss what budgetary techniques might be most useful to a large global company to allow it to best understand the operational performance of one of its divisions.

Part 3

Discuss various performance measurement techniques and their appropriateness in a range of environments.

Part 4

If you were a managing director of a large public company and received a detailed financial proposal for significant expenditure from one of your divisional directors, explain what key issues you would consider in making your decision.

This assessment is testing Module Learning outcomes

LO1 Critically analyse financial reports

LO2 Advise on the appropriate budgeting techniques for planning and control

LO3 Criticise performance measurement systems


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