ACC566 Accounting Systems And Processes

History of accounting – short answer questions Accounting practices have changed significantly over time. Undertake some research into accounting practices in ancient Mesopotamia, and accounting practices used today. Required:

i. Discuss the accounting practices in ancient Mesopotamia. In your discussion: explain what factors led to the need for accounting information to be prepared in ancient Mesopotamia, explain how accounting records were kept/maintained, and explain what information was captured in the accounting records

. ii. Discuss the accounting practices that are currently used today. In your discussion: explain how accounting practices have changed/advanced from those used in ancient Mesopotamia, and explain how the information that is captured in accounting records today has changed from the information captured in accounting systems used in ancient Mesopotamia Word guide Ethics in accounting – short answer questions Undertake some research on ethics and accounting. Required:

i. Discuss the importance of ethics in the accounting profession.

ii. Discuss three ways that business owners (or company directors) can promote an ethical organisation culture.

iii. As a professional accountant, it is important to be aware of situations that may tempt or pressure you to act unethically. Discuss three situations that may tempt or pressure an accountant to act unethically.



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