ACCT 252: Managerial Accounting


This project will allow you the opportunity to explore a company’s annual report and become familiar with the items it contains. Choose a company from Standard & Poor’s Net Advantage whose company’s name begins with the same letter as your last name. Locate the most recent annual report, either from the Liberty University library’s access to Standard & Poor’s website, the EDGAR database (, or the company’s website. Once located, open Individual Learning Project Questions document and add your answers underneath each question. Do not delete the questions. Questions 1–49 must be answered with Microsoft Word. Your answers for these do not need to be in complete sentences. Questions 50–52 must be answered in Microsoft Excel and your answers must include formulas. Questions 53–55 must be answered with complete sentences and justification within the Word document. Both documents (Word and Excel) must be uploaded into the Assignment link.

To access the Liberty University Library online resources from off campus:
·From the Blackboard log-in page, right-hand side “Quicklinks” pull-down menu — choose “Library.”
·Click log-in button. Off-site access cannot be gained unless the user successfully completes the log-in.
·This must take you to the “Library Research Portal”; if not, click on “Portal.”
·Click on the “databases” tab.
·Click on the “Databases by Letter,” and select the letter “S.”
·Scroll down until you see “Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage.”
·Click on the link and then you may begin your search.

Tips for choosing a company:
·This project will be easier and more meaningful if you select a company that you have heard of before and one whose basic operations you are familiar with.
·If the company you select is no longer in operation, either because they have been acquired, been through bankruptcy, etc., it is not an appropriate selection; if you want to do a company that has been acquired, you may do the project on the new parent company instead – please clear this with your instructor in advance if the parent company does not begin with the same letter as your last name.
·Locate the company’s annual report before you begin substantial work on the project!  That way, if you run into an issue mentioned above, you will not need to start over.  The company you choose needs to have issued a 10-K/Annual Report within the past year.


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