ACCT2281 Accounting Software Systems

1. At the beginning of Chapter 17, read through the information about StratfordCountry Inn and the ledgers and records it will need. This will familiarize youwith the requirements for your file setup. The data included in these pages willbe used for the assignment.

2. Read “How to Insert Your Student Signature: Assignment 1.”
3. Open a new Word document and name it, “Acct 2281 A1 First Name Last NameStratford-INI_xxxx.docx” (where INI = your initials and xxxx = the last 4 digits ofyour student number. Example: Joe Smith, student number T00253538, wouldname his file “Acct 2281 Joe Smith Stratford-JS_3538.docx”). You will use thisdocument to save your ten numbered screen prints.Please use this same syntax for the four PDF files (see instruction 18).
So Joe’s 4 pdf files would be:
Acct 2281 A1 Joe Smith Stratford-JS_3538 Trial Balance
Acct 2281 A1 Joe Smith Stratford-JS_3538 Supplier Aged Detail Report
Acct 2281 A1Joe Smith Stratford-JS_3538 Guest Aged Detail Report
Acct 2281 A1 Joe Smith Stratford-JS_3538 Employee Summary
4. Create a new company. Select the option to create your own accounts—do not letSage 50 create them for you. (It is much faster and less complicated to create theaccounts yourself, rather than to make changes to accounts created by Sage 50.)
5. Use a new fiscal period starting on July 1, 2019, and ending on September 30,2019. Change the company name to include your signature.
6. Save a screen print of the company information screen (1). Ensure that you havechanged the company name.



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