ACFI6007 Business Accountability And Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, GRI.4, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), theories of Corporate Responsibility

a)Analyse the current sustainability reporting of Royal Dutch Shell plc with particular focus on how it prioritises topics on which to focus, how it complies with the GRI, incorporates the UN Sustainable Development Goals and responds to the Review Panel.

b)Using Royal Dutch Shell’s reporting as a basis, and drawing on at least two theories of Corporate Responsibility, critically analyse the influence of frameworks such as GRI and the SDGs in the current debates about corporate social and environmental sustainability.

Your essay should be no more than 2,000 words. The coursework should be typed in Arial 11pt and double spaced.

Credit will be given for the appropriate use of visual aids (diagrams, charts) in the essay and for appropriate appendices, no more than four pages.
Anonymous marking

Anonymous marking is used throughout the university. This means that your work will be marked without the assessor being aware of who you are. The idea behind this change is to make sure you feel confident you work is marked fairly, without any possibility for bias.

Your identity will be revealed once the assessors have agreed your mark. This is to ensure that feedback on your assessed work is personalised and tailored to you. However, the marks cannot be amended once your identity is revealed.

If you would like to read the full and formal regulations on anonymous marking you can find them in the University Regulations, section A3.6:

This guide should be read in conjunction with the wider regulations on Moodle and the detailed guidance as to criteria and their application below.

This coursework carries 90% of the overall marks for the module.

The Following Pages Are Notes For Your Guidance.

1. Knowledge and Understanding
Having completed this module successfully, students will be able to: Taught Practised Assessed
1.1 Consolidate their knowledge on a range of contemporary issues in accounting and finance that are relevant to a developing business

1.2 Deepen Their Understanding Of How Factors Such As Culture, Ethics And Organisational Size And Form Impact Finance And Accounting Issues For Business

1.3 Analyse corporate financial and social responsibility reports
2. Disciplinary/Professional Skills
Having completed this module successfully, students will be able to: Taught Practised Assessed
2.1 Demonstrate presentation skills
2.2 Read critically and discuss what has been read
2.3 Analyse and critically appraise corporate financial and social responsibility reports

3. Transferable Skills

Having completed this module successfully, students will be able to: Taught Practised Assessed
3.1 Self-management
3.2 Learning skills
3.3 Communication
3.4 Teamwork
3.5 Problem solving
3.6 Information technology


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