Action Research

Action Research Selection

Your written response to this discussion prompt assesses your ability to both describe the action research proposal process and formulate evidence-based recommendation for selecting an appropriate action research topic. This discussion also supports your achievement of Course Learning Outcome 5.

According to the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), “Action research is inquiry or research in the context of focused efforts to improve the quality of an organization and its performance. It typically is designed and conducted by practitioners who analyze the data to improve their own practice,” (as cited in Action Research, n.d., para. 1), As you read this week in the Instructor Guidance and Chapter 3 of the your text, keep in mind the NCREL definition of action research as you select your study to peer review for the Week Six assignment.

Initial Post: Post an initial response that addresses the following areas:

  • First, select one action research study from your list of peer-reviewed sources from the Week One assignment.
  • Next, post the full 6th edition APA reference entry for this selected source.
  • Finally, in two to three paragraphs, discuss why you chose this topic and in particular this action research proposal. How does this topic support your current professional role or future professional goals?



Argyropoulos, V., Nikolaraizi, M. (2009). Developing inclusive practices through collaborative action research. European Journal of Special Needs Education 24(2):139-153. DOI: 10.1080/08856250902793586

  • This paper discusses the results of an action research proposal which aimed to promote academic access in two general educational settings. The study focuses on a pupil with blindness and a deaf pupil were educated respectively.This resource will be used to support your work on the discussion this week (i.e., Action Research Selection) and this week’s assignment (i.e. Reflection).

Recommended Resources

Web Page

What is action research?

  • This is an action research resource developed for the students at George Mason University. This resource will be used to support your work on the discussion this week (i.e., Action Research Selection) and this week’s assignment (i.e. Reflection).

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