ADMN2136 Research In Management

1. Research Problem

The research problem should talk about three things: What is going wrong / what is to be researched? Who does the problem affect? What is the conceptual basis underlying the problem?

2. Research Question(s)

Pose at least ONE relevant research question based on the research problemyou created.

3. Literature ReviewFrom the journal extracts provided, I would like you to show at least ONE thing that IS known about the research problem, and at least ONE thing that IS NOT known about the research problem.

4. Choose and justify your choice of research methods suggested in the research scenario. You may choose more than one method.

5. Based on your choice of method, how would you go about selecting a sample for the research? What kind of sampling strategy would you employ? From what population would you select the sample?

6. References. Be sure to use proper citation and referencing formats throughout


A researcher for a major financial institution in Canada is interested in studying the“expectations regarding the sharing of financial and practical responsibilities amongmarried and cohabiting couples in which both partners are between the ages of 20 and 29.” The financial institution is considering introducing an education program for that population segment that will ultimately encourage them to purchase their financial products. However, the company wants to know more about the population of interest and whether having such a program would influence a customer’s decision to choose their products.

Conducting a keyword search on “couples,” “financial,” “banking,” and “responsibility,” the researcher has generated a lengthy list of research articles. However, the researcher feels that the two articles (below) are the most relevant. In looking at all of the literature, it turns out that not much is known about the research topic, especially as it relates to the design of education programs for the particular age group.

The researcher has considered a number of different methods for carrying out the research, but has narrowed it down to three options: focus groups, interviews, and questionnaires.



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