ADMN2167-Business Decision Making

Assignment Question

The case assignment is “Horseshoe Resort”, found in your course pack.

The assignment question is as follows:

As Peter Cowley, general manager for Horseshoe Resort, conduct the analysis necessary to determine

whether the new adventure park is a good investment.

Case Study Method

Please structure your assignmentusing the following sections:

• Issues and Objectives:

What are the key challenges or issues facing Horseshoe? Why is the new adventure park being proposed?

• Case Analysis

Your analysis should contain three parts:

1. Ratio analysis – Based on your review of the ratios in Exhibit 6, how is Horseshoe performing?

2. Projected financial statements – Prepare income statement and balance sheet for 2010.

Determine how much Horseshoe would be required in loans to finance the expansion.

3. Realizable collateral analysis and 4 Cs analysis – Conduct this analysis as if you were the loan officer granting Horseshoe the financing. Is Horseshoe a good candidate for a loan?


Will you recommend that Horseshoe go ahead with the expansion of the new park with the additional loan? Why or why not?


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