Air Pollution

  • Create a presentation on air pollution. (I can create the powerpoint. I am only requesting text)
  • Title slide – 1 slide
  • Section 1 – Air Pollution
    • Definition of air pollution – 1 slide
    • What are the primary causes of air pollution? – 1-2 slides
    • What are the effects of air pollution on the environment? – 1-2 slides
    • What are the negative health effects caused by air pollution? – 2-3 slides
    • Who is primarily affected by air pollution and how? – 1-2 slides
  • Conclusion – 1 slide
  • References – (as many slides as needed)


  • Additional resources must be U.S. based and data must be within the last 5 years. No “.com” sites.
  • The presentation should include at least 9 content slides.
  • The individual slides only 3-5 lines of text with 5-7 words per line. Pictures and graphs are encouraged but not required.
  • Each slide should have speaker notes in the “Notes” area at the bottom of each the slide. The speaker notes should be written as your script for the oral presentation.


  • The presentation needs to include at least four (4) references, which may include the provided resources below.


  1. United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (02 Oct 2017a). High Radiation Doses. Retrieved from
  2. United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (02 Oct 2017b). Measuring Radiation. Retrieved from
  3. United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (02 Oct 2017c). Radiation Basics. Retrieved from
  4. United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (02 Oct 2017d). Radiation Exposure and Cancer. Retrieved from

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