Statement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing This?”

The ability to perform solid research is a key to success in academics and professional life. Historical websites are a popular method of introducing individuals to the past in a way that is interesting and visually appealing. It is also important to view historical events from opposing perspectives. When studying historical events and the related research, examining any differing points of view can either sharpen one’s own argument or soften it.

Completing This Assignment:

Locate the American History Opposing Viewpoints Project: American Events Reading Sites within the Module 2 Course content link. The topics and their respective websites within this link include… The American War for Independence: Treason or Justified Rebellion, The Boston Tea Party: Destruction of Private Property or Justified Act of Defiance, The Trial of Anne Hutchinson: Heretical Teacher or Guardian of Religious Liberty, Bacon’s Rebellion: Treason or Justified Rebellion, The Boston Massacre: Provoked Self Defense or Justified Riot Met with Bloodshed, and The Stamp Act: The Right of Parliament or Justified Resistance. Identify and choose a single topic and adjoining websites from among the options most appealing to you and provide a two paragraph written review via the following paragraph model below…

o Topic Headline: The topic headline will be taken from the above listed link titles.

o Paragraph 1: Summary of the main points covered in each of the websites. Be sure to be concise in covering your thoughts. Too much detail will make your paragraph very long, however, it must be clear that you have reviewed each of the resources carefully in your summary.

o Paragraph 2: Conclusion, including how your perception or knowledge of the material may have changed. In this paragraph, you should also include how/if your thinking about the event has changed.

• A key purpose for this assignment is to display and determine what the individual student learned and gleaned from the provided sources. Thus, a clear majority of the body-content of the paper should be written solely in the words of the student. Information for the paper can be BASED from the provided sources, but, again, the body-content should dominantly come from the student’s personal thoughts and presented in their own words. Outside source content may be incorporated within the paper, but should NOT dominate (in verbatim form) a large portion of the write-up. Any borrowed statements from these sources must be placed within quotation marks, properly cited in Turabian format, and these sources must be included (in correct Turabian format) within the required closing bibliography page.

• You must use the template for the assignment provided below.

• When you are finished, your assignment must be:

o In a Microsoft Word (or compatible) document

o Formatted, including:

 12-point Times New Roman font

 double-spaced

 1-inch margins

o Written and proofread carefully to ensure writing follows standards of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style expected at this academic level

 First person pronouns are permitted for this assignment.

 No citations are necessary unless direct quotes are used from the topic/websites.

o If necessary, a Turabian Quick Guide is available in the Course Content site to aid students in completing citations as accurately as possible


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