American Horizons Book questions

American Horizons Book second Edition book Chapter 22 “A New Era” Pages753-788
Multiple Choose questions 1-12  and  Three essay questions 3 paragraphs for each question 13 through 15
The early radios of the 1920s were sold as

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Question 2.     5 pts

Between the early 1920s and 1927 vehicle registrations increased in the United States from 3 million to

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Question 3.    5 pts

Which of the following suburbs grew at its fastest pace through the 1920s?

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Question 4.   5 pts

Which of the following is true about the National Origins Act?

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Question 5.    5 pts

Why did African Americans continue their massive migration from the southern countryside into northern cities during the 1920s?

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Question 6.    5 pts

What was special about the 1927 film The Jazz Singer?

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Question 7.    5 pts

Which of the following best signify the flapper of the 1920s?

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Question 8.   5 pts

As a result of an expanding youth culture during the 1920s, Americans developed new

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Question 9.    5 pts

Why did the state of Tennessee indict high school teacher John Scopes in 1925?

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Question 10.    5 pts

Why did American tourists begin to flock to Cuba in the 1920s?

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Question 11.    5 pts

By 1928, prohibition had become

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Question 12.      5 pts

The United States Marines continued their occupation of which nation throughout the 1920s?

Question 13.  20 pts

What is the title of the chapter you are responsible for in this module?  There are a few primary sources present in the chapter; find a primary source and discuss why it might be important to better understand the period.

Question 14    10 pts

According to the lecture, how did consumerism impact women in the United States during the 1920s?


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