AMSC700 Contemporary Issues In Supply Chain And Logistics Management

You need to focus on AIR NEWZEALAND baggage handling Department and the research question is given below :

How does integration helps in minimizing the damages and passengers complaints  related to passengers baggage handling department of Air New Zealand ?

Please do the required task  as per the research question which is shown above and the task which you need to do is listed below :

In the group project, students are required to submit the following tasks in the order given below. Project tasks are divided into group (G) and individual (I)  categories.  Please refer  to the group project template available on the course Moodle site for format details.

Integration (1 page  per member, I)

In the context of your sub-research question, select a specific supply chain stage. Based on this, present an instance of an appropriate supply chain integration scenario. Critique and evaluate  the integration  aspect with other  stages considered in the study.

Risks and Conflicts (1 page  per member, I)

Analyse two (2) supply chain risks and conflicts related within the selected supply chain stage.

Transportation and Logistics (1 page  per member, I)

Logistics requirements should be presented in a tabular form. Analyse the transportation aspects thoroughly.

Further Instructions:

1All the above mentioned elements should begin from a new page.

2Strictly follow the prescribed page limit for each section of the report. For details,

please refer to assessment template and the marking rubric.

3The report should be professionally edited using the prescribed guidelines presented under the ‘Report Writing Guidelines’ section.

4 Data can be collected from the internet or can be generated on your own, however, it must be reasonable. In either case appropriate reference or justification/rationale must be provided for acquiring data.

5The assessment should be submitted by the deadline as stated on the cover page of the assessment. Failure to do so may result in a penalty based on Ara policy.

Report Writing Guidelines

  • Title page: 26 point Times New Roman bold, centered.

Text should be organised into sections and subsections (if need be). A single line should separate paragraphs. Font guidelines are as follows:

  • Section Headings: Numbered, 14 point, bold, Upper and Lower  Case, left-justified; leave one blank line above only.
  • Section  Sub-headings:Numbered,  12 point, bold, Upper and Lower Case, left- justified; leave one blank line above only.
  • Report text: 11 point, Times New Roman with 1.0 line spacing.
  • Figure captions: 11 point Times New Roman, centered; place below the figure, leave one blank line above and below.
  • Table captions: 11 point Times New Roman, centered; place above the table,  leave one blank line above only.
  • Equations should be centered and numbered,  with the number in parentheses, positioned flush to the right margin. Preferably, they should be written using the Equation Editor.


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