an infographic on electronic waste

Use to create an infographic on electronic waste. Create a free account and use a free template (one not labeled “pro”) to create your infographic. When you are done, click Download on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Choose .jpeg as the file format, and download the image to your computer for submission in Blackboard. Note: In the Download window, you may have to right-click your infographic and click Save As to get it to save where you would like it to save on your computer. Your infographic should contain the following information:

·         Mass composition of metals for electronic scrap,

·         Major hazardous components in waste electric and electronic equipment,

·         Amount of e-waste generated by households,

·         The hierarchy of treatment for e-waste, and

·         Environmental effects of e-waste.

The textbook contains more data than can be put on the infographic. Part of this assignment is to interpret the data in order to communicate what you decide is important. You may even want to manipulate the data (add some of the e-waste categories from Table 20.3 together, for example) to create a meaningful infographic. Your goal should be to educate someone about what e-waste is, why it is important, and what actions should be taken all in one graphic. Be creative!

With your assignment submission, include a document that contains your APA-formatted references for this assignment.


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