Annotated Bibliography/Creating a Visual

This Assignment will be completed in two parts, Part A: Annotated Bibliography and Part B: Create a Visual. Although you will submit both parts for feedback in Week 3, you will continue to add information to Part A: Annotated Bibliography throughout the course.

Part A: Annotated Bibliography

Use the Google Scholar to locate three current peer-reviewed research articles on two or more of the theories from the Learner-Centered Teaching text that resonate most with you. For example, you may consider researching some of the following theories:

· Attribution Theory and Self-Efficacy

· Radical and Critical Pedagogy

· Feminist Pedagogy

· Constructivism

· Transformative Learning

Complete a 3-paragraph annotated bibliography entry for each of the peer-reviewed journal articles you select. For more information on how to compose a 3-paragraph annotated bibliography entry, see Annotated Bibliographies in the Learning Resources.

Part B: Create a Visual

Create a visual that illustrates the evolution of curriculum leading to learner-centered approaches. Your visual may be a graphic organizer, time line or other type of visual.

Provide a 2- to 3-page narrative summary of the visual. Identify two theories from the Learner-Centered Teaching text that resonate most with you in regard to your visual, and explain why they resonate with you.


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