Apologetics at the Cross

Use the “Inside Out” approach from chapter 10 of Apologetics at the Cross to respond to the following statement posed to you by a secular friend: “My biggest problem with Christianity is, for one, that Christians seem so intolerant and judgmental. And secondly, their sexual ethic seems to suppress basic human desires and our freedom to live fulfilled lives.” Remember to start inside their own plausibility structures and work to the explanatory power of the gospel. Make sure you thoroughly study the notes pertaining to this method as well as Keller’s section on A and B beliefs. Your essay must reflect, clearly explicate, and apply the central components of the “Inside Out” model as you engage your secular friend.

Pay close attention to having a clear organization and relevant scholarly/academic sources, which must be used effectively. There must be at least 3 scholarly/academic references used in addition to Apologetics at the Cross and the Bible. Do not simply string quotes together as this is not an effective way to persuade a friend. Lastly, although you are contemplating and interacting with a hypothetical scenario concerning how a conversation would go, avoid writing out an actual dialogue in the paper. You can make comments about how a conversation might begin or how it might progress, but do not write as if you are dialoging with your friend in the paper.

Your paper must be 1,000–1,200 words. Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document with both prompts addressed. Essay 2 must use Times New Roman, 12-point font, follow current Turabian format, and be uploaded to Blackboard


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