Apology. What does Socrates say is “more difficult to avoid than death”?  Do you agree?

You are welcomed to utilize an article (or podcast, or essay in a book— something outside of the materials offered in the course), which informs your thoughts on the ideas presented in the assigned reading, however this is not required.

What is required is that you think about what you’ve read, and share your reaction in a composed essay. Write between 450-500 words not including work cited page.  Compose your ideas in your own words.  Be sure that you answer all the questions associated with your chosen topic. This is an informal essay, but you must follow instructions.  You may refer to ideas you’ve read elsewhere, but they are not necessary—just tell me what thoughts you encountered whilst reading the assigned chapter.

MLA format

Work cited


Topic: Apology. What does Socrates say is “more difficult to avoid than death”?  Do you agree?

Here is the audio links to the Dialogues (you may wish to listen to them to help with the assignment


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