basic relationship between society and nature

There are many different definitions of sustainable development coming from various disciplines and with different assumptions about the basic relationship between society and nature. The first reading assignment for week 1, “What is sustainable development?” provides a thorough historical overview of how the notion of sustainable development has evolved over time as our understanding of the interconnectedness between society, economy and nature continues to improve. While sustainable development is widely accepted as a desirable policy objective, considerable disagreements remain as to how to operationalize the concept at different levels (local, regional, global) of decision making.


Please find below Assignment 1 (due Jan 17 by 11:59 PM). This assignment is based on reading materials assigned for weeks 1-2.

Once you have finished answering the questions, rename the file following this convention:

Assignment 1 [your name] [your ID].

For example, if your name was Tyler Miller and ID was 3055648, you would name the file as:

Assignment 1 Tyler Miller 3055648

If you fail to follow this convention (which helps me keep track of all the submissions), a 2% PENALTY will be applied. Upload the completed assignment to Assignment 1 (go to Assignments under Assessments and click on “Assignment 1” to open the file upload dialogue).

Please upload files in MS Word compatible formats only (*.docx, *.rtf). DO NOT submit in any other format. DO NOT send scanned images or insert them into the document. Also, if you miss the deadline, a 10% of the total points per day penalty will be applied.


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