Being an effective security manager.

Assignment Instructions

The textbook for this course covers a myriad of topics, all designed to give readers an understanding of what’s required to be an effective security manager. The textbook is excellent, but does not have the luxury of covering all of the topics in great detail. The purpose of the research project is to allow students to investigate a topic of interest and expand their security administration knowledge.

The research project presentation must have a minimum of 10 slides with “extensive” “speaker notes” (bottom of “each slide”) and “not” exceed 15 slides. Your project must be scholarly, with at least “five” sources not from the course (textbook or Resources). Below are the “only” possible topics for the research project. Topic choices do “not” have to be pre-approved. Projects on other topics will receive “no” credit. 1) Effective Strategies for Motivating Security Employees 2) Strategies for Increasing Security Employee Retention 3) Recruiting and Selecting Quality Security Employees 4) Improving the Performance Appraisal Process in Security Organizations 5) The Impact of a Good Leader on Security Performance 6) The Security Budget Game and Why We Must Play It 7) The Impact of Shift Work on Security Personnel 8) Creating and Designing a Disciplinary Program for Security Employees 9) Management of Security Organizations

Mandatory Project Format (sequence and specific headings):

Slide 1:

Title slide (similar to an APA title page – title, name, date, etc., but no running head)

Slide 2: Introduction (do not forget to introduce your project)

Slide 3 to as necessary: Body of you project (various topic elements via headings/sub-headings)

Next Slide

Conclusion (title this section Conclusion) Common point loss for those that omit this slide.

Final Slide/s

References: Use a minimum of five “outside” (non-textbook) credible sources to support your research project. Your final slidewill be titled References. Recall to adhere to the APA for reference formatting: alphabetize(common point loss), only first initials for first names (common point loss), double space references, use a second/third line 0.5” hanging indent, References must have matching in-text citations in the body of your project (and vice versa). Do “not” list only electronic links/websites.

TIPS to Avoid Loss of Points: Follow all above instructions.Do “not” use contractions (don’t, isn’t, etc.) or “I,” “me,” “you,” “we,” and “her/him” in academic writing. Avoid “crowding” slides with too much content (words, generally). Use the speaker notes section at the bottom the slide to place most of your wording.

Tips for a High Quality/Superior Slide Presentation: Enhance your slides with data (charts, graphs, etc.) and perhaps some professional graphics (images, diagrams, etc.) and “some” color to make it more content rich and visually appealing. “Only” presentations that follow the above directions and are both content rich and visually appealing will receive “superior scores.”


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