Below are the questions based on the Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Video. Please answer all of them

~ Students~

Below are the questions based on the

Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Video.

Please answer all of them.

(You may wish to print out these questions for quick reference for when you go to write your paper)

Students: please read all of the following questions. Think about what is being asked in each question. Then formulate in your mind what your answers to those questions would be.

ER/SR Evaluate the significance of how Elliott used this exercise to teach the meaning of brotherhood and moral/ethical reasoning for overcoming stereotypes and relating to people who are different.

CT/TR Discuss your overall reaction to “A Class Divided.” Respond to this thinking routine:

Before viewing “A Class Divided” I Used to Think . . .

After viewing “But Now I think . . . “

This change of mind is because? . . .

SD Have you ever personally experienced discrimination? If so, what were the circumstances? How did you cope with stress?

SR If not, what will you do in the future when you see or experience discrimination in action?

ER/SR Notice about how quickly the children fell into their assigned roles. What does this say about the ease of learning to become prejudice?

CT/ER Participants in this exercise are only exposed to discrimination for a relatively short amount of time. Relate their attitudes and behavior after just a short amount of time to that of minority group members in our society who are exposed to a lifetime of discrimination.

CT/ER Select a marginalized, disenfranchised or minority group of people and identify the parallels between the comments and actions made by the brown eyed children on the first day and the comments and actions of the marginalized, disenfranchised or minority group you selected.


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