Benefits of Positive Behavior Support.

1. Based on what your chapter reading, lists the 3 benefits of Positive Behavior Support.

2. A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is the cornerstone of data collection for behavior. Identify the five primary outcomes of the functional assessment process.

3. Define the Multi-tiered system of support and explain the three tiers levels.

• Tier 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

• Tier 2 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

• Tier 3 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. What challenges do you think a school may experience in developing an effective FBA? What strategies can you recommend to offset these challenges?

5. Explain why the focus of a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is on the teacher and parent rather than the student. Why must an effective FBA be developed prior to a BIP?

6. Why do assessments and observations that are completed in the natural environment yield more valid and reliable results?

7. Do you think the development, implementation or progress monitoring of an Intervention Plan is the most difficult and why. How can technology support these processes?

8. What is the A-B-C theoretical approach?

9. Do you think most teachers are well-versed in classroom management? Why or why not? What type of assistance can a school provide to support teachers with student behavior?

10. Define antecedent. Why is it so critical that the antecedent is identified? Why can it be so difficult to determine the antecedent? How can the FBA guide this process?

11. Some students with disabilities receive special education services within the general education setting for all or part of the day including students with emotional/behavioral disabilities. What are the benefits of inclusion for students with EBD? Identify the challenges too.

12. Write a summary on one of the following professional organizations: (5 points)

· Council for Exceptional Children

· Behavior Analysis Certification Board

· Association for Positive Behavior Support


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