Black Lives Matter Movement Research

I need a research paper using 4 peer reviewed articles about the black lives matter movement that is currently going on in the news for my social psychology class. This paper needs to be 6 pages minimum. I will list the prompt/requirements below. The essay must be APA format.

Writing Assignments There will be one (30 point) assignment. You will be able to choose the subjects on which you write on. Each assignment will be APA format, and at least six pages. Assignments need to have at least four peer-reviewed journal articles actively integrated into the discussion. You will be marked down for improper formatting. Students will receive 0’s for any instances of plagiarism. All assignments must be turned in on their respective deadlines by class time in the Turnitin tab on Blackboard. You do NOT need to include a title page or write your own abstract.

When writing your paper, please use the following organizational scheme: First, begin by discussing your reactions to the news article(s). Talk about your overall impressions (positive or negative) and whether anything surprised you. The remainder of your paper should be reserved for discussing any new insights. To that end, you should address the following questions: What relevant topics/themes pertaining to social psychology emerged in the news article? How does this material relate to what you learned in class through lecture and/or readings? What new

information did you learn from this news article or what message did you take away from it? Overall, did the news do a good job of presenting the material (e.g., do you think it was an accurate depiction of social psychology in real life?)?

Some other possible questions to consider: How does the research relate? How does it differ? Are there limitations in the research? Where do you see potential future research? How can this research be useful for your own life? Are the depictions of social behaviors in the article congruent to how you have seen/understood social behaviors?

Assignment – Relate relevant class information (lecture, text, articles, etc.) with a current issue in news


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