BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability

You are required to complete a review ofthe implementation of resource efficiencyactivities developed in Assessment Task 2.As part of the review process you are undertaking, you need to ensure that you:

●monitor and review records of implementation (provided to you by your assessor), and identify trends or apparent areas requiring ongoing action

●document the outcomes of the implementation strategy and evaluate the success or otherwise of the policy and sustainability management

●review audience feedback to your presentation/training from Assessment Task 2

●recommend modifications to the policy and management of sustainability.


1.Review the reports that document resource use at the Sydney Opera House (provided by your assessor). Note that there are four spreadsheets available in the document provided. You can navigate between the records by selecting the tabs at the bottom of this Excel document.

2.Review the Sydney Opera House Environmental Sustainability Policy, Environmental Sustainability Plan, and other Sydney Opera House corporate information and policy.

3.Review the audience feedback from Assessment Task 2.

4.Review the resource efficiency targets provided in Assessment Task 2 and the related actions you created for each target in your implementation plan. For the purposes of this assessment, assume that the actions you developed were implemented in FY 06/07 at the Sydney Opera House.

5.Using the data provided(in the spreadsheets given to you by your assessor) and the corporate information available to you, develop a written report that includes:

a.graphs or charts that could describe or summarise progress towards established targets evaluationof the graphs or charts to identify trends in data and analyse datatargets identified in Assessment Task 2

c.a description of the success and/or shortfalls of the implementation of sustainability and communication targets based on:

i.trends in resource use
ii.audience feedback from Assessment Task 2

d.a description of trends that may require remedial action; include a plan that describes how these areas can be continuously improved in the future

e.a review of Sydney Opera House policies’ coverage of measuring and analysing resource consumption to determine how the recording of resource consumption is currently addressed in policy

f.recommendations for improvements to policy, communication and management of sustainability based on datataken from analysis of records.

6.Submit your report to your assessor along with a list of the stakeholders who would need to receive your report.



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