BUSN4100 Business Research Methods


Imagine you are an accountant running your own practice and you have identified a market where you can provide training courses to accounting graduates/interns in return for lucrative revenue.

  1. You wish to provide training courses for the Xero software (Beginner & advanced level), payroll and junior level accounting training course. Identify 10 companies that provide such  courses to students in Sydney and list their names, website, contact details, courses they offer, pricing and brochures in an excel spreadsheet
  2. Do a Swot analysis
  3. For the 10 companies that you have identified/found, do a comparison report of the companies in terms of pricing, courses they provide, advantages and disadvantages of such course providers.
  4. Describe marketing campaigns you will use to attract potential students
  5. Being a new entrant in this market, what would be the biggest hinderance to your success? What strategy you will use to attract potential students?
  6. Which market platforms you will use to advertise for such students and how much marketing cost will need to be spent each month? (Give me a realistic answer, you have ran your own blog business before so think from the same retrospect)
  7. Design courses, set pricing for the courses you will offer to potential students. You must provide specific details of  what these course will offer, duration, pricing, learning outcomes, etc. What are the competitive edges you have over other course providers?
  8. Is Lidcombe considered good location to provide such courses to potential students? Why/why not?
  9. To maximize revenue, can such courses be available online? How you will employ such methods if these courses are to be taught online? Describe how you will use zoom, youtube or other online platforms to offer such courses. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such methods?
  10. In an excel spreadsheet, record the call log of places you have called to get the answers to this research task, name of the consultant,  time you called and answers you managed to find. I need a detailed call log which will tell me you have made an effort to call and find answers to the questions above. You will have nearly 1 month to do this research task so if you make an average of 5 calls in a week, you would have called at least 20 different companies/organisations to assist your research task. I strongly advise you to call the companies offering such courses to students so that you will have clear idea as to how you will design courses and set pricing.



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