causes of land pollution

There are many causes of land pollution.

There are many sources of land pollution.

Agricultural activities are a major source of land pollution. We use chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides to grow crops, and these chemicals end up in the soil, degrading the land. Growing crops also removes nutrients from the soil, degrading it over time. This is another form of land pollution. We also degrade the land when we deforest it to make room for these agricultural activities.

Resource extraction such as contributes to land pollution. If only the topsoil is removed during the extraction process, the land is often barren for an extended period of time. Resource extraction often involves only removing certain metals or elements, and other ones that have been dug up and displaced are left behind.

Human waste is a another source of land pollution. Landfills are filled with all of our waste. This includes household waste and waste from industry. All of the materials we produce and consume have to go somewhere, and they are often buried in a landfill or other garbage disposal site. This takes up space but it may also degrade the surrounding soil.

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