Cemetery materials

1. Lab 3_Intro Cemetery materials is a .pdf: READ THIS FIRST!! This is background material. You are looking for data from the turn of LAST century. At least one population has to be from that time period. There are questions asked on this document, but you don’t need to record/ submit any answers to them.2. “Lab 3 Answer Sheet” is an MS Word doc: Read this one and TURN THIS ONE IN HERE. Read the .pdf document first, then this one. Complete your data collection and the Excel data summary sheet (next), then answer these questions. Be sure to put thought into your answers and refer to all the readings to date as needed to develop analytical skills and to understand the data collection and assessment process. Please contact me with any questions. Be sure to save your file with your last name (e.g. Smith.doc).3. “Lab 3 Cemetery_Lab_Worksheet” is an excel spreadsheet: TURN THIS ONE IN TOO. This is the Excel spreadsheet where you will enter your data. The spreadsheet does the calculations for you. It will also create a graph for you, similar to the ones described in the .pdf and .doc. You will use this graph to help you complete the questions on the Word .doc. You will submit this sheet for grading. Read the instructions and fill in the “yellow” squares – the rest will calculate automatically. Be sure to save the file with your last name (e.g. Smith.xls).***If you can’t visit a cemetery and collect data, you’ll need to get on-line cemetery data. Please let me know the reason why you’re using this online data or else I’d expect you to collect your data in the field. Here’s some online data if you need it.  You may not find what you need on this site (i.e. you might not find both birth and death data depending on your selection). If you use another open source on the internet, make sure to include the url in your assignment.


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