Chapter 4 Practice Problem 11, 14 & 18.

Practice Problem 11, 14, & 18

Due Week 4 Day 6 (Sunday)

Follow the instructions below to submit your answers for Chapter 4 Practice Problem 11, 14 & 18.

1. Save Chapter 4 Instructions to your computer.

2. Type your answers into the shaded boxes below. The boxes will expand as you type your answers.

3. Resave this form to your computer with your answers filled-in.

4. Attach the saved form to your reply when you turn-in your work in the Assignments section of the Classroom tab. Note: Each question in the assignments section will be listed separately; however, you only need to submit this form one time to turn-in your answers.

Read each question in your text book and then type your answers for Chapter 4 Practice Problem 11, 14 & 18 in the shaded boxes below. Please record only your answers. It is not necessary to show your work.


Step 1 –

Step 2 –

Step 3 –

Step 4 –

Step 5 –

14. For Conclusion, select one: Reject the Null or Fail to Reject Null


Cutoff Score

Z Score






18. Use a one-tail test for the cutoff score. Reject Null or Fail to Reject Null

Cutoff Score =

Z Score =



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