CHRM 3490 Compensation

You are the consultant, Tom Jacks, George has asked you to submit a proposal for a profit sharing plan for Stardash Shoes Ltd. unionized employees. You wonder about, the appropriateness of such an incentive system for Stardash Shoes, but you promised to look into it.  What will you tell George Lucas?

Outline 3 profit sharing plans the Company can introduce into the unionized workforce and pick ONE of the three and give your reasoning why it is your first pick.

How would you go about introducing this new plan into the unionized environment?  Give details of your strategy on how to adopt this profit sharing concept to the Union.  For example, do you have to wait until negotiations start to introduce this plan? Will the plan be implemented immediately? Can you unilaterally introduce this kind of plan into a unionized workforce? Do you want to start with the nonunionized workforce first?  If no, why not? If yes why? Would this work if you did introduce it first to the non-union employees?  Would it then be of interest to the union and its members?


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