Climate Policy Essay (Cyprus)

The paper should cover the following issues:

The first issue to think about when reading a government’s climate plan is mitigation . By what factor is the government projecting to mitigate–or reduce–their emissions? Make sure you are specific about both the quantity of the target as well as the dates by which the target(s) will be reached.

Your discussion of mitigation should also explain how the government will meet the targets? Will it beregulatory, voluntary? What policy instruments will be used (taxes, incentives, specific regulations)? How will technology be deployed for mitigation efforts? What types of technological changes are being pushed in your government’s climate plan?

The second issue to think about is adaptation . What policy steps is your government going to take to adapt to changing climatic conditions? Which sectors of the economy are being targeted for action?

The third broad theme to address relates to the economic issues relating to climate change? What are the economic conditions that are forcing these governments to take policy action on the climate? What economic effects do they expect to come out of changes in policy as opposed to continuing “business as

usual.” How do the plans address financing new policy initiatives?

It should be 4-5 pages double-spaced in a 12-point


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