Clintonian vision

PART 1 (7.5 points)

After listening to the lectures (in the modules) and reading the two documents please write a single post answering the following two questions and composing one question of your own. Your answers should be a nice robust paragraph–around 6-10 sentences. You will not be able to see anyone else’s posts until you make your own post by clicking “reply” to this discussion. Please do this by noon on Thursday–after you would have done the reading and sat through both classes were we still on campus. DUE BY THURSDAY AT NOON.

1. How has the world changed according toClintonsince the postwar era (ca. 1945-1965) and what does that mean for the US economy in the 1990s? Do you think Clinton’s definition of freedom is tied to Reagan’s from last week? If so how and why or why not? What is America’s role in the world? (2.5 points)

2. How was Bush’s worldview different from the preceding Clintonian vision?

What ideals did he appeal to and why do you think some referred to his foreign policy as “Neo-Wilsonian” evoking President Wilson from WWI? What is America’s role in the world? (What a great exam question this would be!) (2.5 points)

3. Write ONE analytical question following up on EITHER of the documents. That is don’t ask a factual or opinion question but rather a question about what the document means or why the author was arguing what he was arguing. (2.5 points)


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