Cloud computing

Select one of the topics below. Write a 5 – 10 full page research paper (excluding the cover page and reference page) on the real world application of the chosen technology. Your paper should a include the type of organization(s) that benefit most from this technology. Assignment will be grade it according to the Rubric, attached above. Elaborate on what business problem the technology solves. Also, how does it help the organization achieve one or more of the following: Achieve operational excellence through higher levels of efficiency and productivity Create new products, services, and business models Raise revenue and profits while lowering costs by increasing customer and supplier intimacy Improve decision making for managers and employees Increase competitive advantages Insure survival caused by business environment changes Choose ONE topic: Autonomic computing Cloud computing Grid computing Nanotechnology N-tier client/server architectures Cybersecurity Project Management Paper Formatting: Written work 5 – 10 full pages Cover Page Margins: 1″ top, bottom, right, and left. Font Times New Roman 12 point. Use a MS Word document file format. Grading: You must follow the assignment instructions above. Standard grading: Content = 60% Organization = 10% Writing = 10% APA format = 15%


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