COMM 210 Introduction To Managerial Accounting

1. Develop your entire master Base Case budget in one worksheet; i.e., start by entering all of your hard data (the information provided (e.g., expected sales, collection terms, payment terms, inventory terms, your beginning balance sheet etc.). All of the given information (hard data) should be entered at the top of your Base Case Budget worksheet, which will then be followed by the individual budgets required for your Base Case Master Budget (sales budget, production budget, etc.). 9
2. When you have finalized the Base Case master budget, start work on the analyses for Requirement 2. Copy the Base Case master budget onto a new spreadsheet (i.e., a new tab). Then make the necessary changes ON THAT SPREADSHEET. If you have fully programmed your base case worksheet, the majority of your results will be calculated for you, and only select parts (short-term borrowing, repayment and short-term interest) may require attention. Label your spreadsheet tab ‘Retail Outlets’ for the required analysis in requirement 2. Label any other spreadsheets you create according to the additional type of
analysis performed on that sheet.


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