Compare and Contrast Dante’s Inferno with Boccaccio’s The Decameron

Use at least two specific examples from each text to contrast The Divine Comedy, Inferno with The Decameron. To receive consideration for full credit, describe how and why both groups of stories discuss escaping various traumas and establishing alternative societies. Hint: The greatest goal of the young people in Boccaccio’s text is that they amuse themselves by telling stories about pleasure, whereas Dante believes in self-responsibility and in the complete freedom to control one’s appetites in order to achieve salvation. He also believes control of these appetites is frighteningly difficult and that sin is commonplace and infectious.

Write a brief essay (550 words) in response. This portion of the exam is “open book,” which means that I expect you to consult the texts you choose to discuss, and to refer to specific things that each author writes, as illustrations of your points about them. Your essay should be typed, with one-inch margins all around, the lines double spaced, the pages stapled, and the top of the first page include your name, the course and section number, my name, the phrase “ EXAM II & Take Home Essay Section ” the date and word count. Also, for full credit, you must use specific examples from the selections to back up your comparisons and contrasts. A minimum of four comparisons / examples is necessary.


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