Conflict resolution theories and the Eastern Ukraine conflict.

The question is critically assess to the conflict resolution theories and the Eastern Ukraine conflict. You should explain this one or two theories how can implementation this Eastern Ukraine conflicts such as mediation or MINSK I-II agreements. Also, I attached bibliography pls use these sources and more than these. I really need A+

Also i added 2 word document These are my collecting before Also you can use it . These are also very good

Wallensteen, P., 2015. Understanding conflict resolution. Sage.

Lederach, John Paul. “Building peace: Sustainable reconciliation in divided societies.” Washington DC 4 (1997).

Ramsbotham, O., Miall, H. and Woodhouse, T., 2011. Contemporary conflict resolution. Polity.

Freedman, L., 2014. Ukraine and the art of crisis management. Survival, 56(3), pp.7-42.Freedman, L., 2015. Ukraine and the Art of Exhaustion. Survival, 57(5), pp.77-106.Bebler, A., 2017. On the Geopolitical Aspects of the Conflict over Crimea. IUP Journal of International Relations, 11(1), p.7


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