Core Principle Of American Politics

One thread running through our conversations during the first half of this course is development of American political thought. Construct a 2-3 page essay that traces the core principles of American political thought – freedom, equality, opportunity, etc.  The best responses will being their essays in the pre-Revolutionary period (the establishment of Jamestown, the development of the New England colonies, etc.) and end with the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.  See below for a list of issues/events/individuals that MAY be helpful in writing this essay.

*  Early colonial period (Jamestown, Maryland, Massachusetts Bay Colony, etc.)

*  The Enlightenment period

*  Deism/Pietism/the Great Awakening

*  The French-Indian War

*  The Revolutionary period

*  Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution

*  Federalist party vs. Democratic-Republicans

*  Jeffersonian democracy


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