Creating Environments and Curriculum Essentials

Describe the differences between an integrated curriculum, emergent curriculum and an inclusive curriculum for young children. Why is “play” an important part of learning? What are the components of a written plan? Why are all components needed when planning lessons for young children?

The first paragraph will describe the difference between the three types of curriculums and how it relates to young children. The second paragraph will discuss the components of writing a lesson plan for a classroom of young children. Remember . . . the first sentence of each paragraph is an opening that states the main idea. The rest of the sentences in a paragraph give details that support the main idea. As always, the last sentence is a conclusion sentence that “sums it all up.”

In your replies to your classmates, remember to extend the conversation by adding some new information about their topic, presenting a slightly different viewpoint to their discussion, offer an illustration or a personal experience, or even offering a polite different point of view. Simply saying “great job” will not get you any points for your replies.


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