Creation of the needs assessment

The needs assessment assignment will consist of two parts: a) the creation of the needs assessment (understanding what area your population needs to improve on), the development of instruments to collect data that correctly demonstrates the need you will address, and procedural administration of the needs assessment. Please submit this as an assignment Parts I in Word with a cover sheet and references page under assignments as well as a brief overview of your needs assessment.

Part I: Creation of the needs assesment

Here you will provide the actual assessment instrument(s) AND a brief (1-2 paragraphs) description of the rationale for its creation. This part of the assignment should address the following:

1-factor(s) that informed your choice for the specific design of your needs-assessment instrument(s)

2-reasons for choosing your specific design over other possible instruments

3-a prediction of your anticipated findings

4-a brief description of the process that led to the creation of your needs assessment instrument(s).

the instrument that will be used to collect data on the issue you will be trying to resolve in the classroom.

Part II: Administration Of the Needs Assessment – How you will collect the data.

This part will explain the procedure(s) that took place as you administered the needs-assessment. Include the following: Who participated? What were you seeking to establish? Whenwas the assessment proctored? Where did the assessment take place? How did you go about proctoring the assessment?

The assignment must be completed using the APA 7th edition is required. Each part (I &II) separately.

Represent the quotes (author, year, and page).

In my research, The topic of this research is decreasing on-task behavior in students with autism during the home learning school.


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