Cultural Profile

Cultural Profile Instructions and Requirements


Create a region profile of Latin America. The cultural region profile should demonstrate an understanding of political and social developments, e.g., social and technology developments, revolutionary periods, and analysis of the causes and consequences of world conflicts. Provide background and context for a discussion of “cultural imperialism”.


The profile must include information from the following categories:

Ø  Category 1: Description of the populations, size, growth, distribution, and linkages to global issues. Be sure to use statistics, i.e., birth rate, death rate, fertility rate, life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.



Ø  Category 2 (select at least 3 characteristics from this category that most influence the identity of the assigned region.): Religion, language, economic systems, government, history, ethnic identity, physical landscape, folk culture, physical landscape, cultural ecology, etc.


Ø  Category 3:  Answer the following questions –

o   What is “culture”?

o   Why do you consider this region a “cultural realm”?

o   What difficulties or problems did you have in defining your cultural region?

o   Are there sub-regions in your cultural realm?

o   What role does “cultural imperialism” play in the formation of your cultural realm? Give specific examples of how your region is the legacy of European cultural imperialism.


Profile Requirements:


  • One to two pages of text
  • Typed, double spaced
  • Standard one-inch margin
  • Include a bibliography (not included as one of the one to two pages)

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