Discuss Accountancy And Financial Management


Choice of Topic

You can choose any topic in the area of accountancy, accounting and financial management. You should look for a specific issue or problem to investigate, rather than a general topic. Current news stories, ideas from your classes or work experience are all good sources of ideas for projects. As a general rule, a good topic or research question is one to which you cannot find an easy answer!

The Research Questions

You are expected to identify a relevant topic for your ISAC, clearly state an appropriate research question (or questions) and offer a practical and academic rationale indicating why your topic and these questions are worth further study.

You are encouraged to draft your title and research questions, in no more than 300 words, and in no prescribed format. There is no benefit to writing more than the bare minimum to convey your ideas. Note that a ‘question’ is something which takes a question mark on the end, not a statement or a vague heading.

The Research Proposal

Your Proposal is the plan for your final ISAC research document. You are expected to identify a relevant topic, and clearly explore an appropriate research question (or questions). You must also discuss the significance of the main issues and theoretical debates around your research questions/ problems, by developing arguments based upon the secondary sources you have reviewed. You are expected to provide a draft structure using Word Outline View or a similar outliner.

Template for the Research Proposal explained

Title – suggesting focus/ aim of project clearly

Rationale – why is this topic worth investigating? Should include academic as well as applied justification for your choice.

Research Objectives – why are the specific accomplishment you hope to achieve at the end of study?

Research questions- what is the issue or problem that you are investigating? Phrase up to 3 questions which you will attempt to answer through your literature review discussion. These may later be useful as sub-headings to divide your discussion into clear sections.

Literature review- identify main area(s) of theory/ academic debate relevant to topic and outline the current state of research/ understanding of topic, discussing the significance of this literature to your project. Sources should include the above 5 sources, and preferably additional academic/ professional/ government research, reports, statistics, newspaper articles and information gathered from the Internet (although you should consider carefully the validity and reliability of web based materials).

Research methods – indicate how do you plan to gather the data, what research design would you considered in relation to the questions raised.


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