Discuss Accounting System And Assurance


Components Guidelines General guidelines
? There are 2 online quizzes of 10 marks each.
? For each quiz, there are 20 questions (0.5 marks each).
? Each quiz must be completed/submitted in 40 minutes.
? Total mark calculation (for example): (8+6) =14; (8+0) =8; (7+9) = 16; (10+9) =19. Contents & contents to cover Quiz 1: This quiz is based on the foundations of accounting information systems. Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4 from the textbook and those (chapters) covered in Week 1-3 lectures will help prepare for this quiz.
Quiz 2: This quiz is based on the computer fraud and abuse techniques, internal controls (e.g., frameworks and environment), and the issues relating to systems reliability (information security, confidentiality and privacy). Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 from the textbook and those (chapters) covered in Week 4-6 lectures will help prepare for this quiz. Restrictions & suggestions
? Only one attempt is allowed for each quiz.
? On an average, 16-22 questions are selected from most of the chapters as suggested above. This may help you make plan for the quiz.
? Key terms stated at the end of each chapter of the prescribed textbook may be helpful to identify some of the answers.
? It is recommended that you sit a quiz when you are confident that you have sufficient understanding of the contents covered in the chapters identified for each quiz.
? Better to sit a quiz when relevant chapters have been covered in the lectures and tutorials.
? Remember the deadline/due date. Do not wait for the last day of the deadline so that you can start taking the quizzes in an environment without expecting technical and personal difficulties.
? As the quizzes are opened and closed for all students at a time, it is very unlikely to accept any request for extension of the due date. A long due date has been set so that students can manage to complete and submit the quizzes before 05 January 2018 11.59 PM (ARST) in Week 7.
? Caution: If any student takes more than 40 minutes to complete a quiz, he/she might not be able to successfully submit the quiz and view the result. Ethical concern Each quiz is an Open Book test. It is trusted that every student complete and submit each quiz independently.

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