Discuss Accounting Theory And Applications


In line with its focus developing students’ skills in unit learning outcomes in the table below, this unit is also responsible for assuring the following course-level learning outcomes :

Evaluate professional or enterprise practice in relation to culture and diversity in discipline-appropriate contexts (including first peoples/global) and make recommendations, including contingencies, alternatives and future implication.

The table below outlines the unit learning outcomes (ULOs) for this unit. Upon completion of this unit, students will
be able to:

The assessment items in this unit are designed to enable you to demonstrate that you have achieved the unit learning outcomes. Completion and submission of all assessment items which have been designated as mandatory or compulsory is essential to receive a passing grade. To pass this unit you must:

∗ Complete all assessment items.
∗ Achieve an overall mark of at least 50 per cent.
∗ Achieve the threshold mark for the final examination.
∗ Attend a minimum of 80% of all classes


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