Discuss Health Financial Management



Provide background information to this business case, in order that the reader can clearly understand the reasoning and purpose of same. It should look to include an outline of any current processes/costs, contracts, equipment and impact at the local as well as LHD level, as applicable.

Provide some background information as to why this health service will be beneficial to this area.  This information should help to justify the need for the service.

The Proposal

Insert a single sentence outlining the proposed business case strategy include any recommendation.


Briefly outline the aims or goals of rolling out this proposal, what are you trying to achieve? eg improve efficiency, improve management, increase revenue, reduce costs, reduce number of contractors.


  • Efficiency gains

What are the efficiency gains in this proposal?

  • Potential savings/increased costs

What are the projected savings in this proposal? What is the estimated decrease in costs or are there increase costs but associated savings in productivity?

  • What are the expected benefits of this proposal?
Factor Benefits


Insert benefit


Insert benefit
Clinicians Insert benefit


Other Insert benefit



List the risks (in the table) that are associated with this proposal either perceived or real

Risk Issue



Mitigation Plan


Financial risk        


  • Action (insert as a flow chart  as attachment 1)

Outline the action process, nominating the staff members responsible, actions to be undertaken in relation to this proposal.


Who will manage this plan going forward in implementation and over the life of the plan/contract?


Provide a list of any additional resources required by this proposal, describing briefly the extent of the extra requirement as well as the impact of same.

Reporting of outcomes

Who will monitor and report on the outcomes, savings, and any decreased costs for this proposal? How often and who will the report be sent to?

  1. Remember that outputs as well as financial data is required.

Financial Information

The financial considerations for this proposal will be required in detail (attach the spreadsheet as Attachment 2).

  1. In preparing the budget, students should show the build-up of the budget from a zero base including all significant line items.
  1. A contingency plan must be included (what happens if desired funding is not available to the optimal level desired) with at 10% less than the optimal budget. Show deletions and cost cutting measures.

Include a financial activity analysis and a break-even analysis chart to show at what level of activity the service ‘breaks even’. In the public sector this means to come in on.


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