Discuss Management Accounting For The Training And Staffing Cost


Part 1
Answer the following questions
a. Prepare the 2018 revenue budgets (in dollar)
b. Prepare the production budget (in units)
c. Prepare the direct materials usage and purchase budgets for 2018
d. Prepare the direct manufacturing labour budget for 2018
e. Prepare the manufacturing overhead budget for 2018
f. What is the budgeted manufacturing overhead rate for 2018
g. What is the budgeted manufacturing overhead cot per output unit in 2018
h. Calculate the unit cost of desk in closing inventory on 31 December 2018
i. Prepare the ending inventory budget for both direct materials and finished goods for 2018
j. Prepare cost of good sold budget for 2018
k. Prepare the budgeted income statement for the year ending 31 December 2018
l. Prepare the budgeted balance sheet as of 31 December 2018
Part 2
Suppose Exhibition Furniture decides to incorporate continues improvement into its budgeting process. You are required to provide recommendation (memo) to the CEO two areas where Exhibition Furniture could incorporate continues improvement into the budget schedules in requirement 1. To answer this question, you are required to provide minimum 400 words recommendation to the CEO. Apply your comprehensive knowledge in management accounting such as knowledge about company strategies in reducing cost in materials, labour and manufacturing overhead. You may also include analysis of nonmanufacturing cost such as marketing cost and consider the companystrategic planning to increase sales or profit targets. Please choose the best strategy among those strategies and provide your reasons. Please put some appropriate references.

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