Discuss Money And Capital Market Analysis


The purpose of this assignment is to develop your ability to research issues impacting the sustainability and efficiencies of the financial markets and make connections between the concepts and actual events in the real world.

Report Title: Capital Market and Information Efficiency – How Information About the US Share Market Triggers Change in the Australian Share Market

Assume the role of a financial analyst and prepare a report:

a) Explains capital market and informational efficiency

b) Describes how/why a shift in the Australian share prices is triggered by information about political and economic events in the US,

c) Provides examples for different markets around the global, like those above, to illustrate and support your explanations.

d) Presents an argument as to whether or not the Australian share market has information efficiency. as shown in the 5 news broadcasts below (or see the attached pdf files with assignment), information about real-world events can trigger changes to share prices in one market, such as the US share market and that change will the influence a shift in the share prices of another market, such as the Australian share market.


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