Discuss Principles Of Business


  • Assume you have the opportunity to buy stock in three different, publicly traded, restaurant chains.
  • Below is a chart containing some basic financial information on the three companies:


Information from the income statement
Total Revenue $6,366,000,000 $2,795,365,000 2,472,628,000
Total Expenses $4,747,000,000 $1,845,791,000 1,704,937,000
Information from the balance sheet
Current Assets 1,482,000,000 311,421,000 495,873,000
Total Assets 5,478,000,000 1,301,611,000 716,295,000
Current Liabilities 1,369,000,000 448,321,000 403,698,000
Total Liabilities 11,134,000,000 1,009,221,000 2,599,438,000
Number of Shares of Stock 347,680,000 20,870,000 44,950,000
  • Complete the template chart on Blackboard by calculating each amusement park’s:
    • Net Income ($)
    • Return on Sales (%)
    • Current Ratio
    • Stockholder Equity ($)
    • Return on Equity (%)
    • Debt to Equity (%)
    • Earnings Per Share ($)
    • KEYS:
      • Be sure to list all ratios in the proper units.
      • Some ratio’s may not be meaningful if the net income is negative!
      • Remember to multiply times 100 to move the decimal point beforelisting amounts as a percent (%).
    • Determine which restaurant chain is the best investment based on the ratio analysis.
    • Go to Yahoo! Finance – Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, Newsand find one article providing qualitative information as to why you should or should not invest in this amusement park or the industry overall.
      • Hint:Try clicking/reading the headline page links.


Write an Executive Summary with the chart attached addressing the following points:

  • Summarize the findings of your ratio analysis on each restaurant company including: (Worth 10 points each = Total 30 points)
    • Important low and high points
    • What do the ratios tell you about the company’s operations?
  • What qualitative information did you find and summarize its impact on your decision? (Worth 20 points)
  • Provide a final overall choice and explain why.  (Worth 10 points)
  • List all sources in MLA format. (Worth 10 Points)
  • Spelling and Grammar Corrected!  (Worth 10 Points)

Completed Ratio Chart with correct calculations


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