Discussion: Exploring Hypothesis Testing

Discussion: Exploring Hypothesis Testing
Your textbook contains a brief explanation of the three main topics for this module: hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and linear correlation. However, the treatment of these topics is highly technical for the purposes of this course. Instead of reading from the textbook in this module, you should focus your attention on the explanations provided in the demonstration video. The video provides the context you will need to complete your assignments and conduct the three required tests.

To prepare for this Discussion, complete the following tasks:


Watch the demonstration video.
Review the Study Questions and Solutions document in the Learning Resources.
Your posts in the Discussion should include questions or insights about the demonstration video, the assigned Study Questions, or the solutions provided. If you do not have questions about the Assignment and believe that you have mastered the material for this module, use the Discussion to answer your colleagues’ questions, offering insight, advice, strategies, and assistance.


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