Discussion Post For Book Called The Dreamers Mexican American Studies

Chapter 1: 5-7 sentences answering

  1. Discuss the reasons for the growth in anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States and in particular in California.
  2. What laws were passed in the 1990s and 2000s that sought stronger border enforcement and deny access to state and federal social services to undocumented immigrants?
  3. What were the effects of heavy border enforcement?

Chapter 2: 5-7 sentences answering

  1. Identify which organizations created the DREAMers and the reasons why they created the DREAMers in 2001?
  2. What was the message that the immigrant rights organizations created for the DREAMers and what problems began to emerge because of this message.
  3. Discuss the importances of Networks in the making of the DREAMers?

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