Disorders Assignment


Name the disorder and symptoms in each of the following scenarios and describe the treatment you might suggest and why you think it is appropriate for each of the following scenarios. You can use the template below to help you organize your ideas. (Answers must be in complete sentences.)



  1. Maud is wandering around aimlessly. She often talks to herself. She appears to know no one and when police take her into custody, they cannot find any family. Maud continues to talk with “people” the police can neither see nor hear. She seems suspicious and “rambles on” about different topics.
  2. Doug is a very charming individual. He flirts relentlessly. He goes into many money making schemes without any remorse for the effect his endeavors have on other people’s lives.
  3. Jody has been afraid of dogs ever since she was bitten by one when she was four. Now twenty years later, she still refuses to visit the houses of friends who have pets.
  4. Diane blames herself for the ills of the world. She does not feel like getting out of bed each morning, or studying for the exams and assignments at school. She feels overwhelmed and as if she is sinking. She has also been putting on a lot of weight.
  5. Matthew talks fast, has been making a lot of plans for his future and gets very irritable when anyone interrupts him, or points out flaws in his reasoning. He has also been having a lot more affairs than he used to just two short months ago when he was feeling rather low.

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