Earth’s mantle

1.What is Earth’s mantle?
2.What elements make up the Earth’s mantle?
3.Describe the “big splash” theory of the Moon’s origin?
4.How are comets different from asteroids?
5.Of what are comets made? And asteroids?
6.If you grew up on the moon, would your bones be heavier or lighter than they are now?
7.Look up New Horizons space probe. Where is it heading and where is it right now?
8.Where are the tallest and longest mountain chains on Earth? How were they formed?
9.How do we know that tectonic plates move?
Describe how transform plate boundaries differ from plate boundaries.
What form of geologic activity is exhibited along transform boundaries?
10.On what tectonic plate do you live?
How many adjacent plates are there to the one you live on?
In which direction are these plates moving?
11.If the Mid-Atlantic Ridge opens up at the rate of 5 centimeters per year, how much farther apart will Paris and New York be in 1,000 years (show your work for full credit)?
12.Mount Everest is now approximately 8,850 meters tall, and it has been growing taller at a rate of about 2 centimeters per year. Estimate the approximate age of the mountain.


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