• Your essays should be about 1000 words, in 12 font and double-spaced. This means you should devote a good paragraph or more to each part. Include the word count at the top of the assignment.
  • Please make an effort with your grammar and your spelling. I require college-level work.
  • Essays should be posted by Sunday at midnight at the end of each week.
  • No late assignments will be accepted. Submit online.

 Please separate your answers clearly (with spacing) into the separate parts, labeling Part 1, Part 2, etc….

What you need for this assignment:

  • Water, snack, a ride to your location
  • 3 hours
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Your lap top or a notebook to write in

Part 1: Go to your favorite local beach or park or natural location. Allow 3 hours for this assignment.

  • What ancient elements are present within your line of sight? Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Void?
  • How do the elements interact with each other? With you?
  • What might still be useful about the ancient “five elements” system?
  • What is your relationship with each of these elements? How do they affect or influence your life?
  • Write your thoughts; there is no “right” answer – only careful thought and effort as opposed to sloppy thinking and laziness.

Part 2:

  • Which of the modern elements form the Periodic Table are present in your line of sight?
  • Find at least 10 and include the name and symbol for each
  • What is their function?
  • Try and be very observant and look for rare elements that you might not have noticed before.
  • Look around and see what things are made from.

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