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. Examine slide #5.  List 5 DIFFERENT reasons, one each from society, culture, economics, biology, and politics, why a human female never reaches the biotic potential calculated for her in the example in the slide.  Please explain EXACTLY how each reason you listed affects her biotic potential.

2. In slide #10, the age structure for the US was a pyramid indicating that our population is still growing.  Give one reason why our growth is slowing and one reason why we are still have a pyramid age structure.

3. Explain why organisms like trees and sea turtles have a Type III survivorship curve while most mammals have a Type 1 survivorship curve.

4.  Give 4 reasons why humans might have either a Type I or Type III survivorship


5.  Examine slides #22 and 23.  For each distribution pattern in slide #23, list the factors from slide #22 that would account for that pattern (example 1a, 2b, 3a) for each of the three patterns

6.  What might account for a developed nation having a pyramid age structure?


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